God’s Strange Choice

There is no accounting for taste. Even that of God.

He created a world chock-a-block with wilful, wayward, and contentious people who would reject Him at the drop of a hat.

Why would He do such a thing? Why did he not create a creature with a preference for meekness, a habit of holiness, and a heart for generosity?

Perhaps it is the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds. Cubic zirconia is man-made, cheap, and optically flawless. It is beautiful, and virtually indistinguishable from diamond even at close inspection.

Diamonds are rare, and often flawed. They must be worked, with the attendant risk of fatal fracture.

Diamonds are expensive. Cubic zirconia is not.

Perhaps the rarity of our good qualities, our obvious faults, and the difficulties in working us to “gem quality” are precisely why we are here. Perhaps the ordeal we must face as we go from a raw crystal hidden in dirt to Heaven’s consort is that which is needed to turn something little better (and often worse) than an animal into a fit companion for God’s eternity.

Perhaps part of that gemcutting process is the use of a “diamond saw” on the raw diamond. Perhaps it is the help that we flawed gems must offer one another.

God could have made it all perfect and holy.

But He wanted us.


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