Would You Recognize Him?

If you mentally transport yourself to the Levant, two millennia back, you’d doubtless be seeking out Jesus.

But would you recognize Him?

Before you say, “of course, and what a silly question!” remember that most of the people He met looked past Him. They were looking for a temporal King, and thought that a carpenter’s son could never lead them.

Or they looked through Him, because they didn’t hear His words in their hearts.

Or they looked at Him, and saw an enemy, a threat to their entrenched beliefs, or a threat to their self-interest.

The people who followed Him seemed to be those who would open their hearts and minds, and listen. Jesus brought no magic, he performed no Jedi ind-tricks.

He spoke with a heart of Love, and offered that Love to anyone who cared to listen without judgement.

Would you recognize Him?


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