Live While You Are Dying

We are all dying.

We can deny this, by busy-ness or by using products that make us look young.

Has Grecian Formula or Oil of Olay ever stopped death for anyone you knew?

I thought not.

There is way to cheat death, and that is by choosing life. It is by looking Death in the face and saying, “I will drink the cup you offer, but know this; my soul is in the hands of the Lord, and I will rise again, as He rose.”

Hagakure, the code of the Samurai, opens by saying that a samurai should always be prepared to die. And then it goes on, to tell the samurai how to live with honor.

That is the key. Accept it, and go on. Live with honor, and take that honor with you as you step through the door into Heaven.

What will you take with you, when you meet the Lord?


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